How to Create Ubuntu Live USB in Windows

Lets see how you can create a bootable Ubuntu linux USB so that you can install it on your PC or laptop or  use it as a Live OS. we will be using my favorite tool – Rufus

Steps involved

1 .Download Ubuntu ISO file from the official website

The first step is to download the latest ubuntu ISO from here.

download ubuntu iso
Current Version available at the time of writing this post is Ubuntu 19.04

2. Download Rufus

You can download Rufus from here .Once it is downloaded, install it on your windows machine. Once the installation is finished open Rufus.

3. Create Live Bootable USB drive using Rufus

Rufus 3.6 – Ubuntu 19.04 selected

insert a USB drive to your computer and make sure to select your USB where it says device. Click on on the SELECT button and point to the ISO file downloaded in step 1 . and click start.

Rufus Warning

Click ok when you get the warning and Rufus will start creating a bootable Ubuntu USB disk. Once the process is finished, you can say the message READY.

Do you use some other software to create a Live USB? If you know any other software that can be used to create live Linux USB, please let me know in the comments.

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